Age of Gold: World's Premier Hotel Covered in 24-Carat Bling, from Walls to Toilets and Even Steaks

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Indulging in opulence is effortless when lodging in a completely gold-plated hotel

This exceptional establishment boasts an array of 24-carat gold amenities, including bathtubs, toilets, walls, and even premium cuts of meat.

Nestled in bustling Hanoi, Vietnam, the Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake hotel is a sight to behold, both internally and externally, thanks to its rich and lustrous gold accents.

Situated on a street corner overlooking the scenic Giang Vo Lake, the world's inaugural gold-plated hotel rises majestically, spanning 25 gilded stories and housing 400 rooms, all following a consistent theme of lavish gold decor.

This magnificent feat of luxury did not come swiftly, as the hotel underwent an extensive 11-year construction period.

Upon entering through the grand doors, guests are greeted by a scent of affluence emanating from the gold-plated handles and glimmering front desk.

One of the most awe-inspiring features of the complex is the stunning swimming pool, adorned with 24-carat gold tiles and offering sweeping views of the city skyline.

Post-swim, patrons can relish in a sumptuous buffet served on golden plates with golden cutlery, all presented on golden trays.

The culinary offerings extend to golden-infused dishes, with standout items like Tomahawk steaks wrapped in gold and golden flakes sprinkled over various menu items, elevating the dining experience to new heights of extravagance.

Renowned as Southeast Asia's pinnacle of luxury, the Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake boasts a variety of lavish suites, each offering breathtaking city vistas.

Room rates commence at £250 per night for standard accommodations, which are still adorned with gold accents, while executive suites, priced at a staggering £800 per night, offer the epitome of indulgence.

Owner Nguyen Huu Duong beams with pride over his prized establishment, aiming to establish it as the pinnacle of luxury hospitality worldwide.

Operated by the esteemed Wyndham Hotels brand, the hotel stands as Hanoi's premier five-star accommodation.

A TripAdvisor reviewer expressed astonishment at the hotel's magnificence, praising its tasteful design and extraordinary gold-plated bathrooms.

Another delighted visitor described the hotel as a maximalist's dream, highlighting its gold-laden and luxurious ambiance, making it an unparalleled destination for indulgence and pampering.

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